Energy Management In Commercial Buildings

Source: Energy Information Administration, Major Fuel Consumption (Btu) by End Use, 2003          

Most commercial buildings have little or no energy management capability and so regardless of occupancy or business hours, HVAC systems maintain the same room temperature set point, and equipment and lights are left on. Monthly billing data provides too little information too late to elevate understanding and promote changes in usage patterns. Businesses cannot be Energy Smart with such information gaps.

The Energy Smart Business needs to have the point-of-use capability for energy, like the point-of-sale capability adopted by retailers. Energy consumption in buildings must be measured and controlled so managers will become informed to operate smarter. For businesses, consuming energy across many facilities, it is vital to establish energy policies, enable and enforce compliance, measure performance and develop a culture of continuous improvement across the enterprise. This is a change process that many organizations currently use for quality improvements and IT governance.

Millennial Net’s Energy Management System
This system helps to balance both budgetary constraints and operational priorities. It is designed for rapid and affordable deployment across multiple buildings. It uses wireless devices and the internet to reduce installation costs and provide greater coverage of sensors and control points. After installation temperature, humidity, electrical sub-meters and many other sensors can be online, measuring and transmitting electric consumption and other vital data. Immediate benefits include the ability to monitor current and historical energy consumption information in detail, aggregate and comparison, including:

  • Real-time status of each separate zone/area
  • Electric demand spikes
  • Historical trends to look back on a particular period
  • Comparison of consumption profiles
  • Cost and energy savings

Best in Class Examples
GE Capital uses Millennial Net technology to retrofit multiple commercial buildings in their portfolio with Meshscape Wireless Energy Management System varying in sizes from 46,000 to 130,000 sq. ft.  Due to the Millennial Net system being based on wireless communication, the set up time was significantly reduced and most of the equipment was installed during business hours without disrupting tenant operations. One of the installations improved energy savings by 33% and the other is projected to provide 50% over previous years. Lisa Coca, the company’s global sustainability leader said “Millennial Net provides a wireless sensor network-based EMS.  It centralizes management of HVAC systems, giving tenants more transparency and control over their energy consumption to reduce costs.”

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