Wireless Energy Management Products

Wireless Devices
Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat Wi-Stat IIIp
Wireless pneumatic thermostat allows easy conversion to DDC: 
    - Mechanical Bi-Metal elements replaced with electro-mechanical valve
    - Complete over the air programming and remote monitoring and control

Programmable Pneumatic Thermostat Wi-Stat IIIp-S    
Digital programmable pneumatic thermostat: 
    - Weekday/weekend programmable schedules
    - Can be easily converted to Wireless DDC
    - Mechanical Bi-Metal elements replaced with electro-mechanical valve

Wireless/Standalone Programmable Thermostat 24V Wi-Stat IIIe
Wireless/Standalone Programmable Thermostat easily retrofits existing HVAC infrastructures to optimize energy consumption and comfort within each zone. It is intended for use in commercial, industrial and municipal multi-zone HVAC environments to enable multi-site remote monitoring.

Single Relay Thermostat Wi-Stat III-SR
The Wi-Stat III-SR wireless single relay thermostat is designed to retrofit any manual 2 wire Heat Only or Cool Only systems such as mercury switch, space heater thermostat or other.

Boiler Controller Wi-Controller-B
Wireless stand alone boiler controller regulates boiler water temperature and operates the water circulation pump based solely on outside air temperature inputs, independently from the wireless network or from other devices within it.

Wireless Temperature Sensor Wi-Zone
Wireless indoor / outdoor temperature and relative humidity sensor. It can be used:
      - Indoor and Outdoor temperature and humidity sensing
      - As an averaging temperature sensor in conjunction with Wi-Stat.

Wireless Temperature Sensor Wi-Temp
Wireless temperature sesor. It can be placed wherever sensing conditions of a thermal zone are most advantageous - measuring air, water, oil, gas, or other substance temperatures.

Wireless Pulse Counter Wi-Pulse
Wireless pulse counter used to monitor and wirelessly communicate pulse-output signals from any meter with teh pulse output such as electricity, water,  fuels, gas, etc.

Wireless Energy Sub-Meter Wi-LEM
Energy sub-metering network device for retrofit or new installations, designed for electricity sub-metering, energy auditing, and diagnostics. It is perfectly suited for limited cabinet space and can be fitted into most electrical boxes.

Wireless Customizable I/O Controller Wi-IO
General wireless sensor input/output device that can integrate variety of sensors into a self-forming and self-healing wireless network or can act as an equipment controller as an On/Off  realy switch.

Wireless Signal Repeater Wi-Router
Wireless signal repeater extends the range of the mesh network to accommodate physical distances, overcome barriers, and provide additional communication paths for multiple routing.
Wireless Site Controllers
Wireless BACnet server Wi-BACserv
Multi-function device that performs wireless Meshcape network management tasks and provides bidirectional communication between wireless devices and a BACnet IP client: 
               •  BACnet IP Server 
               •  Wireless MeshScape network coordinator

Wirless Modbus RTU Gateway Meshgate II
Wireless stand alone gateway which performs wireless mesh network management tasks, collects wireless sensor data and communicates control commands to via Modbus to a PC or Modbus RTU embedded controller.

Wireless Modbus TCP/IP Gateway Wi-Modbus TCP
The Wi-Modbus TCP is a wireless Modbus gateway for data communication over TCP/IP networks. It operates as a proxy server of data from all devices in the wireless mesh network and is compatible with most Modbus TCP controllers on the market.