BACnet Server/Wireless Network Coordinator Wi-BACserv

The MeshScape Wi-BACServ is a multi-function device that performs wireless Meshcape network management tasks and provides bidirectional communication between wireless devices and a BACnet IP client.

Wi-BACServ consists of an integrated BACnet IP controller and a wireless MeshScape gateway MeshGate and serves as the focal point of a MeshScape wireless network.  It transmits at a radio power of 60-mW, allowing for communication distances to span at least 750 feet outside line of site, depending on the local conditions affecting radio transmission. The MeshScape Networking System is scalable to include hundreds of nodes and cover thousands of feet. 

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  • Bi-directional communication between the wireless MeshScape devices and a BACnet solution.
  • Wireless MeshScape network coordinator
  • BACnet IP data link layer
  • Read/Write MeshScape device via BACnet objects
  • AI, AO, AV, BI, BO, BV objects
  • COV (change of value)subscription support
  • Supports up to 100 wireless devices
  • FCC-, and Industry Canada-compliant
  • RoHS-compliant