Wireless Boiler Controller – Wi-Controller-B

Wi-Controller-B - stand alone boiler controller

Wi-Controller-B is a stand alone boiler controller that regulates boiler water temperature and operates the water circulation pump based solely on outside air temperature inputs. Wi-Controller-B operates equipment controls independently from the wireless network or from other devices within it.

Wi-Controller-B is equipped with two thermistors: one located outside the building for local temperature readings and one placed on the discharge water pipe to measure water temperature. Based on their inputs Wi-Controller-B controls the water heater and water circulation pump ON/OFF, maintaining an accurate water temperature in the system.

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Water set point temperature is determined based on outside air temperature. Correlation between water set point and outside air is always linear; therefore only two temperature points need to be specified:

  1. Water Set Point at 0 deg F outside temperature
  2. Water Set Point at 60 deg F outside temperature.

Water set points at both outside air temperature points are configurable based on the boiler and heating system in place. These values can be configured to meet requirements of specific boiler and heating system in place.