Wireless MeshScape Gateway Wi-Modbus TCP

Wi-Modbus TCP Wireless MeshScape Gateway

The Wi-Modbus TCP is a wireless stand alone gateway for communications over TCP/IP networks which performs wireless mesh network management tasks, collects wireless sensor data and communicates control commands to the compatible wireless devices.

Wi-Modbus TCP gateway allows network monitoring and control of a wireless mesh network and communicates data over TCP/IP network bi-directionaly to Modbus TCP embedded controller. The gateway serves as the focal point of a MeshScape wireless network. It aggregates data traffic from all mesh nodes and end nodes within radio range, and communicates to the host. The gateway also relays commands from the host computer to the mesh nodes and end nodes and supervises the operation of the network. The Wi-Modbus TCP gateway provides a central point for configuring and managing the wireless network. It is readily compatible with any Modbus TCP controller.

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  • Communicates sensor data to a Controller over standard Modbus TCP/IP protocol
  • Compatible with most Modbus RTU Controllers
  • Supports TCP/IP networking stack with DHCP or static IP assignment
  • RJ45 connector via Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX interface to Modbus Controller
  • Provides bi-directional communication to and from devices on the wireless network
  • Controls the wireless network
  • Supports star, mesh and star-mesh network topologies
  • 18 dBm maximum RF transmit power
  • Data rates up to 250 kbps
  • FCC-compliant hardware module
  • RoHS-compliant
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