Wireless Pulse Counter Wi-Pulse

Wi-Pulse is a wireless pulse counter used to monitor and wirelessly communicate pulse-output signals from meters such as electricity, water,  fuels, gas and others.

The Wireless Pulse Counter Wi-Pulse functions as pulse accumulator (counter) for pulse rates of up to 10 pulses per second. Counts are communicated wirelessly through the mesh network at configurable frequencies with bidirectional acknowledgement. The Wi-Pulse can accumulate up to 4 bytes of time-stamped pulse counts. High accuracy counting ensures that pulses are not missed.

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Download Wi-Pulse Datasheet  
  • Available in two configurations:
    • Battery-powered end node
    • Line-powered end node
  • Pulse rates of up to 10 pulses per second
  • Detects pulses of 10 msec. or greater
  • Built-in de-bounce feature filters noisy signals
  • 32-bit accumulator
  • Two RJ11 connectors support one or two pulse inputs
  • Data rates up to 250 kbps
  • Extensive (1000s of feet) mesh network coverage
  • Available in indoor/outdoor (NEMA) enclosure
  • CE- and FCC-compliant hardware module
  • RoHS-compliant