Programmable Pneumatic Thermostat Wi-Stat IIIp-S

The Wi-STAT IIIp-S is the first ever standalone Weekday/Weekend programmable digital pneumatic thermostat that can also be easily converted into a wireless Direct Digital Control (DDC) device by the push of a button. Just like it’s predecessor Wi-Stat IIIp, Wi-Stat IIIp-S is equipped with advanced electro-mechanical valve instead of mechanical Bi-Metal elements for much more accurate pneumatic controls.

Programmable Pneumatic Thermostat

Wi-Stat IIIp-S is the first 100%  programmable digital pneumatic thermostat on the market that allows occupancy scheduling without a building management controller. It is designed for easy retrofit to existing 2 pipe pneumatic HVAC infrastructures without disruptive and expensive rewiring. Wi-Stat IIIp-S replaces existing manual thermostats and provides ability to program Weekday/Weekend occupancy schedules, previously not available for pneumatically controlled buildings without supervisory controls.

You will be able to control the Set point and Set back temperatures and configure all pneumatic settings such as action direction, set point and set back pressure values, gain and throttling range.

As its predecessor, wireless pneumatic thermostat Wi-Stat IIIp, Wi-Stat IIIp-S shares great technological advancements such as:

- Continuous branch-line pressure monitoring
- Leak detection and on screen status notification
- Leak compensating operation

In addition to Wi-Stat IIIp-S standalone control capabilities, it can be easily converted to Millennial Net’s wireless  DDC device which utilizes the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and 2.4 GHz radio band. Wi-Stat IIIp-S is equipped with the wireless radio module, so once a certain number of stand-alone thermostats are installed a wireless network can be activated by pushing few buttons on the thermostat. Once radios are activated, all devices will automatically connect to an existing BMS or web-based energy management system through a gateway and signal repeaters without any additional networking configuration. 

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Digital Programmable Features

  • Programmable Weekday/Weekend Occupancy Schedule
  • Local Set Point and Set back Temperature Controls
  • Configurable Action Direction and Other Pressure Settings
  • On-Screen Branch Line Pressure Display
  • Leak Detection and On-Screen Status Notification
  • Time Clock
  • Up to 5 years of battery life
  • Easily Convertible to Wireless DDC

Wireless DDC Features

  • “Plug and Play” - No Network Programming or Start Up Calibration Needed
  • Complete Remote Over-the-Air Programming and Calibration
  • Remote Pneumatic Controls Tuning
  • Remote Wireless Setpoint Control
  • Local Comfort Zone Enforcement
  • Programmable Temperature Setbacks
  • Occupancy Override
  • Continuous Temperature Monitoring
  • Continuous Branch Line Pressure Monitoring
  • Leak Detection and Status Notification
  • Leak Tolerant Operation
  • Demand Response Ready
  • BACnet Compatible for Integration with Existing BMS
  • Up to 5 years of battery life
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