Wireless  Pneumatic Thermostat Wi-Stat IIIp

Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat Wi-Stat IIIp - Millennial Net
Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat Wi-Stat IIIp completely revolutionizes pneumatic systems controls. It replaces mechanical Bi-Metal elements with advanced electro-mechanical valve for much more accurate pneumatic controls and allows complete over the air programming and continuous remote monitoring and control.

Millennial Net wireless pneumatic thermostat Wi-Stat IIIp is the world’s first fully functional Direct Digital Controls (DDC) thermostat. It replaces most of the thermostats on the market and easily retrofits existing pneumatic HVAC infrastructures. It connects directly to existing pipes to control the HVAC units. Wi-Stat IIIp can integrate with exsiting EMS system via BACnet IP protocol, Modbus TCP/IP or RTU or works with the standalone Millennial Net energy management system to provide remote monitoring, control, and maintenance of building environments.

Wireless pneumatic thermostat Wi-Stat IIIp provides an affordable, non-invasive solution for multi-zone buildings and multi-site portfolios. Combined with other wireless Millennial Net devices, it provides an integral and extremely cost effective solution to the dramatically improve energy conservation for pneumatic HVAC systems.

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  • “Plug and Play” - No Network Programming or Start Up Calibration Needed
  • Complete Remote Over-the-Air Programming and Calibration
  • Remote Pneumatic Controls Tuning
  • Remote Wireless Setpoint Control
  • Local Comfort Zone Enforcement
  • Programmable Temperature Setbacks
  • Occupancy Override
  • Continuous Temperature Monitoring
  • Continuous Branch Line Pressure Monitoring
  • Leak Detection and Status Notification
  • Leak Tolerant Operation
  • Demand Response Ready
  • BACnet Compatible for Integration with Existing BMS
  • up to 5 years of battery life
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