Wireless Temperature Sensor Wi-Temp

Wireless Temperature Sensor Wi-Temp is ideal for measuring temperature in number of applications – air (refrigerators, freezers, building space, etc.),  liquids (water, oils, etc.) and hard surfaces (pipes, etc.)

It is designed for retrofit or new installations for purposes such as energy management, environmental monitoring, and storage or refrigeration condition monitoring. Available with two up to 25 feet thermistors per Wi-Temp significantly reduces overall installation costs. Embedded software permits users to identify appropriate data collection and transmission rates based on the device and the specific application. The Wi-Temp is available as a battery-pack equipped or a line-powered end node.

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  • 2 thermistors per node provide lower cost per zone
  • Up to 25 feet of thermistor cable with RJ11 connector for mounting flexibility and easy installation
  • -30° F to 230° F (-34° C to 110° C) sensor temperature operating range
  • +/- 0.5° F (0.3° C) accuracy up to 185° F (85° C) and +/- 1° F (0.6° C ) above 185° F (85° C)
  • CE- and FCC-compliant hardware modules
  • RoHS-compliant
  • Available in indoor/outdoor (NEMA) enclosure