Wireless Temperature and Humidity Meter Wi-Zone

Wi-Zone Measures and Communicates Temperature and Relative Humidity Data as a Node in a Self-Forming and Self-Healing Wireless Network

Wi-Zone is ideal for retrofit or new installations and is designed for purposes such as HVAC monitoring and control, energy management, environmental monitoring, and storage or refrigeration condition monitoring. The Wi-Zone is a MeshScape 6424 End Node with factory-installed temperature and relative-humidity sensors. The Wi-Zone can be placed wherever sensing a thermal zone’s environmental conditions is most advantageous in order to monitor HVAC and control applications. The Wi-Zone is designed to consume minimal amounts of energy and to enable battery-powered operation with configurable duty cycling, allowing for optimal battery life. Since the Wi-Zone is a battery powered wireless device, there is no need to run signal wires for control and monitoring.

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Download Wi-Zone Datasheet  
  • Indoor and Outdoor (NEMA enclosure) use
  • Battery powered endnode
  • Temperature Measurement range: -14 ~ +131°F
  • Humidity Measurement range:          0 ~ 100% RH
  • CE- and FCC-compliant hardware modules
  • RoHS-compliant