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Millennial Net EMS in Tynsgborough High School - Web Presentation


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  Millennial Net Becomes Part of GE Capital Real Estate Sustainability Initiatives  
  Learn how one of the biggest property management companies in USA is saving energy using Millennial Net Wireless Energy Management Solutions  
  Wireless Pneumatic Direct Digital Control for the Energy Smart Buildings
  How can the pneumatically controlled building advance with the times to be more sustainable without a disruptive and costly overhaul?  
  Energy Management for Green and Budget-Conscious School Systems
  Cost-effective energy policy to reduce energy waste across a multi-building school district has become a leading way to curb spiraling energy costs.  
  Attention Customers: Energy Reduced Now On Aisle 6
  Learn about Millennial Net’s Energy Management Solutions monitoring and control capabilities for commercial buildings and retails stores.  
  Save Energy to Educate  
  Combining wireless sensor technology with the internet, energy management solutions re a new and economical means to retrofit all buildings, from public ocations to commercial properties  
  Meeting Green Enterprise Objectives in a Sustainable Way

Green businesses are exposing their energy waste and doing something about it

  What if Energy Waste had Lineā€Item Visibility in your Business?
  Energy Smart Businesses are exposing their energy waste and doing something about it  
  Putting Information Power in the HANds of the Smart Consumer
  While building the Smart Grid will take time and strategic investment, energy efficiency and conservation programs must also forge ahead to develop the “Smart Consumer.”  
  What Would Mr. Edison Say?
  Intelligent wireless sensors, united in a smarter infrastructure, can help transform how we consume energy and reduce our carbon footprint.  
  Europe Takes Measured Steps to a Sustainable Energy Future
  Significant advances in wireless-mesh and internet technologies for demand-side energy monitoring, control, and management are making it possible, on a truly broad scale, to understand exactly how energy is being consumed in multiple buildings and operations.  
      Energy Management Product Datasheets  
  BACnet Server and Wireless Network Coordinator - Wi-BACserv
  Wireless MeshScape Gateway - MeshGate II  
  Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat - Wi-Stat IIIp
  Digital Programmable Pneumatic Thermostat - Wi-Stat IIIp-S
  Wireless Mesh Thermostat - Wi-Stat II
  Wireless Boiler Controller – Wi-Controller-B  
  Wireless Temperature and Humidity Meter - Wi-Zone
  Wireless Temperature Sensor - Wi-Temp
  Wireless Pulse Counter - Wi-Pulse
  Wireless Local Energy Meter - Wi-LEM  
  Wireless Input/Output Device - Wi-IO  
  Wireless Signal Repeater - Wi-Router