MeshScape GO 1000 Node WSN Kit

Millennial Net’s MeshScape GO 1000 Node WSN kit will enable you to easily set up and evaluate an extremely large bi-directional communication network for monitoring and control applications. All devices form one solid network and  communicating a single gateway without additional subnets or network controllers. The large scale MeshScape GO kit includes all mesh nodes wireless thermostats for users to assess not only network scalability and responsiveness for monitoring solutions, but also sending commands and receiving updates for control applications.

MeshScape GO OEM End Node Module


  •  2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 radio band
  •  15 user-selectable channels
  •  200-node, 500-node, and 1000-node size network 
  •  Data rates up to 250 kbps
  •  Single network with one gateway
  •  Wireless communication 750 feet between devices, clear line of sight
  •  Extensive (1000s of feet) mesh network coverage
  •  Complete bi-directional communication
  •  All mesh node wireless thermostats
  •  RoHS-compliant
  •  CE- and FCC-compliant hardware modules

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Hardware Modules

  • 1 MeshScape Go wireless gateway
  • 200, 500 or 1000 wireless mesh node thermostats
  • All applicable accessories and power supplies

Additional wireless thermostats can be added to your Developers Kit. Please contact Millennial Net via email or phone +1-978-569-1925 for more information.

MeshScape Network Monitor Software

An application for Windows-based PCs providing an easy-to-use user interface to monitor and manage the wireless sensor network. MeshScape Network Monitor will discover and display network information of active Mesh Nodes and End Nodes in range of the MeshScape Go wireless gateway.

To learn more about MeshScape GO 1000 Node WSN Kit call us at +1-978-569-1925 or e-mail at