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  Wireless Sensor Networks Come of Age
  Wireless sensor networks has struggled over the years to live up to its hype in commercialized applications and deployments. However, with the recent advent of new commercially viable standards, this technology is now proving itself.  
  Walking the Net without a Wire  
  Millennial Net profile in Energy Digital magazine June 2009 issue  
  No Wiring Constraints

Wireless technologies for industrial manufacturing applications 

  Maximizing Data Reliability in Wireless Sensor Networks
  How to Overcome Wireless Sensor Networking Requirements and Challenges  
  MeshScape Technical Overview
  Introduction to WISA
  An introduction to wireless in the control level of factory automation, Wireless Interface for Sensors and Actuators (WISA) technologies and how they are used in wireless products.   
  ARC Brief - Building a Comprehensive Industrial Wireless Future
  ARC Overview of Wireless Technologies in the Industrial Sector   
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  Wireless Technology MeshScape Brochure  
  MeshScape ® GO Datasheet  
  MeshScape ® PRIME Datasheet
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  Building Automation Industry Note  
  Industrial Automation Industry Note  
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  Wireless Sensor Networking Source Book  
  Wireless Sensor Networking and Professional Services: Survey Results